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Lake Titicaca Full Day

Lake Titicaca Full Day

Find yourself surrounded by the soothing waters of Lake Titicaca and a cultural expression that has prevailed through generations on this full-day excursion through the World’s Highest Navigable Lake.

For those who didn’t know, Lake Titicaca was occupied long before the Incas by an ancient civilization who later built the totora reed islands we have today. And though the Spanish conquest dispossessed many native Peruvians from their lands and customs, they fought to keep their traditions alive.

On this tour, you’ll get to experience the natural beauty of Lake Titicaca and several islands that hold the history and mysticism of the Andean highlands. It will be a boat ride experience over 3,800 meters of elevation, a cultural journey that will surely be the highlight of your trip.

Sail across the birthplace of many mythical legends and deep dive into the secrets of the Uros and Taquile islands. Continue reading and find out everything about the Full-day Tour of Lake Titicaca.

What to See?

1. Uros Floating Islands
The Floating Islands of Uros are a group of over 100 man-made islands built entirely of an aquatic plant found in the outskirts of the lake, called Totora Reed. These Islands are home to the Uros people, a civilization that, according to historians, was traced to the oldest region of the Collasuyo.

These islands have become very popular among tourists, here you’ll learn about the culture and customs of its inhabitants, as well as get to know how they manage to build the floating islands, fish, and cook.

2. Taquile Island
This island has a surface of 5.72 square kilometers, and it is famous for being the main producer of remarkable quality textiles in all of Peru, a tradition that has been carried by generations. The Island of Taquile has a population of 2,200 inhabitants and is the second-largest island on the lake.

Although there are no hotels or hostels in this remote location, families are happy to welcome you to their houses, which will surely make your trip a more intimate and pleasant experience.

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Tour Itinerary

On this opportunity, you’ll get to experience the best sites within Lake Titicaca. We want you to feel comfortable, so we have prepared an exclusive itinerary where you’ll get to visit each site calmly so you can fully appreciate everything.

06:45h - 07:00h | Pick up from the hotel
Our team will pick you up from your accommodation so we can start our adventure through Lake Titicaca. Make sure to be ready at the stipulated time!

07:15h - 09:30h | Uros Floating Islands
Once we arrive, you’ll see a group of man-made islands where the beautiful Uros people live. They will teach you about their customs, traditions, and how they managed to build these totora reed islands.

09:30h - 12:00h | Boat ride to Taquile Island
It will take us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Taquile island. On the way, you’ll be able to glance at the beautiful scenery of the lake. Get your camera ready!

12:00h - 14:30h | Taquile Island Tour
We’ll be arriving around lunchtime at Taquile Island, which is why we have a delicious typical lunch here. Afterward, we’ll continue with the excursion through Taquile, where you’ll get to learn about the cultural and artistic expression of the island.

14:30h - 17:00h | Return to Puno
Once we’ve finished our adventure, we’ll continue back to the Folkloric Capital of Peru on a boat ride.

Important Note:

- If you’d like to improve your experience through Lake Titicaca, we have a speed boat option available.
- In case you’d like to have a more intimate experience through the lake, we also offer a private tour option with the chance of visiting even more unique places.

For those interested in booking any of these optional activities, make sure to contact our travel agents to start planning your trip according to your interests.

How to Book?

As you may know, Lake Titicaca is located in the Puno region, right in front of the city. For that reason, it is an easy day trip from the Folkloric Capital of Peru. We highly recommend going on a guided tour so you don’t miss all the important details of this attraction.

Luckily for you, our excursion will take you through the most beautiful natural scenery of the region, to later explore this mystical place.

To book the Lake Titicaca Full Day Tour, you just need to contact our team. We will optimize your time and adventure with a tailor-made travel itinerary for you.

Likewise, we care to provide the best experience to every one of our passengers, which is why we count on certified drivers, professional guides, and an all-time monitored car fleet with GPS tracking.

General Information:

- Duration: 11 hours approx.
- Entrance: Already included in the travel package.
- Included: Lunch, Transport, entry fees, English-speaking guide, pick up at the hotel.

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