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Either it is a religious holiday or a commemorative date, each country has festivities to promote or celebrate their traditions. If you’re planning to travel during these days off, consider adding Peru to your itinerary and make the most of your experience during this short adventure.

We know that there’s no other perfect way to escape the daily routine rather than by traveling. Peru is the perfect getaway destination. Either you visit Machu Picchu, the Pacific coast, or the Peruvian jungle, you’ll be provided the best travel experience.

If you’re feeling a little hesitant, we have gathered a few cities and attractions you should visit during your short trip. Give yourself the opportunity of getting to know the best of our country in the shortest time possible!


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Machu Picchu

If your main travel destination during these holidays is the Inca citadel, then why miss the chance of getting to know this wonder of the world. Even if you’re on a tight schedule, you can still visit Machu Picchu and get deeply immersed in its energy!

Undoubtedly, Machu Picchu gathers ancient mysteries and history that you definitely can’t miss. If you’re looking forward to seeing and experiencing Peru while taking a short trip, we have special packages and promotions where your only concern will be having fun.

Get ready to visit this enigmatic citadel on a tour by train, where you’ll be amazed by the authentic scenery and transition between the Andean highlands and the Peruvian Jungle. Machu Picchu will greet you with its sacred lands that will inspire you and fill your soul with pure energy and joy.


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Cusco is everyone’s favorite destination while traveling through Peru and South America, not only for being home to Machu Picchu but because of all the tourist attractions and natural wonders it comprehends. 

This region gathers history and traditions, where you’ll get to meet some of the many Inca settlements of the area, as well as immersing yourself in their nearly untouched culture. For those looking for adventure, Cusco is also home to the enigmatic Rainbow Mountain and unique turquoise-water lagoons like the Humantay Lake. 

Within the city, you’ll also find archeological sites and historical monuments. Besides, the city of Cusco will grant you beautiful places to walk around and relax, as well as having the opportunity of experiencing the Peruvian gastronomy and the famous Cusco’s nightlife.


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For most travelers, the so-called City of Kings is the starting point for their adventure through Peru. Lima gathers some of the most renowned restaurants in the world. For that reason, it has been declared the Gastronomical Capital of Latin America.

If you wish to know more about Lima’s architecture, don’t miss the chance of visiting the Historic Center of Lima, where you’ll get to meet the contrast of the Colonial and Modern eras. This part of the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 since it gathers over 600 historical monuments.

Apart from history, we recommend visiting Barranco, a bohemian and artistic district in Lima where the city’s most significant museums are. Also, don’t forget to visit Miraflores, home to popular restaurants, and recognized for having the most beautiful Pacific coast view. 

There are many things to do in Lima that you shouldn’t miss if you wish for more information about this unique city, we encourage you to check our guides.